We Specialize in:                                              

High risk and difficult tree removals

Deadwood removal


Crown raising to create lakeview

Bolting and cabling (cracked limb support)

Lot Clearing

Shrub trimming

Year round work 


Servicing the entire Brainerd Lakes Area


Benefits of Tree Removal:

Improved Curb Appeal: An unattractive tree or too much shade can undermine your home’s curb appeal. Tree removal can greatly enhance the look and value of your residence

Storm Damage: A storms' high wind can snap rotted trees in half or uproot them completely, posing a dangerous risk to your home and family. Trees leaning toward your home especially need to be considered for removal for these reasons.

Driveway or sidewalk: As a tree’s enormous root system grows, it can lift and impair concrete structures on your property.

A Better View: Overgrown branches and unsightly trees can impede your family’s view of your residence’s natural surroundings.
Clearing Space: When you are planning to add a pool, shed, or other addition to increase value to your property, Northern Tree Specialists are here to lot clear the area needed.